Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kicking back into gear...with my new gear!

Got in my longest run in since my 24 hour race in a 14 mile run with the Road Runners club. I went to do it at 9:40 min/mile pace, but the coach for that group went to help another one, so we were with the 10 min/mile group. It was good to keep it slow for my first run back and it felt great! I'm really happy that my IT band didn't cause me issues, though my right hamstring is still tight, even months after my 24 hour race.

Okay, on to the main point of this post. Since I can probably remember, once I found out about Garmin watches, I've wanted one like nothing other. To be able to constantly check your pace, distance, and other fun facts. For someone who hates numbers and analyzing them, I am kind of obsessed with data and analyzing it when it comes to things I love like running. I have been keeping an Excel spreadsheet documenting each run I do with distance, time, pace, and the weather. It might be a bit obsessive, but it's nice to look back on.

When my new watch finally started acting up (it was $30 at the Nike outlet, so not a huge investment, but still annoying), I decided I might as well go for it. I got it with the heart rate monitor for a fab price at Amazon and it arrived yesterday! I was too busy to run yesterday, so I did my first run with it today. I did a 4 mile run, with one as a warm-up and the last 3 at tempo pace. I haven't done a tempo run in probably 8 months and I haven't done a speed workout in 3+ months, so I was a bit nervous. It went went well! I did the warm-up in 9:08, the second mile in 8:18, third in 8:35, and fourth in 8:17. I was supposed to aim for around 8:30 min/mile, so I'm pleased.

I'm still learning how to use the watch, but so far, so good. :-) I'm going to attempt an 18 miler this weekend, so I can't wait to use it then. I will be heading to Rehoboth Beach, DE for Labor Day weekend, so my runs will be there. Since I don't know the distances of my routes there so well, my new gadget will come in handy. Can't wait! :-)

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