Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Dance

I ran for the first time in 15 days. I was able to run 7 miles with pretty minimal ITBS pain, but there was still more than I'd like (obviously, I'd want none). This run was also really awesome because I was able to test out my costume for the Marine Corps Marathon, which is of Lady GaGa. I purchased a blonde wig from K-Mart, bejeweled a sports bra, purchased black running briefs (okay, they are really running underwear, but they'll serve the same purpose), and purchased some big black shades with some bling along the top (these were actually for me to wear, but I realized how awesome they would look with the costume, so I ran with them). I am aiming to look like her in her "Just Dance" video (pictured to the left) and by golly, I think I look a lot like her once my costume is all on.

Testing out the costume was pretty funny because in all honesty, there's a fair amount of nakedness seeing as I am only wearing black underwear as bottoms. Running my 7 miles through neighborhoods in Rehoboth Beach, DE (where I am currently to celebrate the Sherpa's/Mom's birthday) was pretty hysterical. I got so many funny and confused looks from older people and an even weirder one from a fellow runner. I also was honked at by some movers (I never understood why cars would honk at female runners. Do they just want to say, "Hey, we appreciate your looks," or are they cheering on my healthy lifestyle? I just think they are being pigs). Overall, the shades, wig, and briefs all worked out great and I am beyond excited (and a little nervous) to wear the outfit 7 short days.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where have I been?

Man, who knew school would make it impossible for me to blog? In most cases, I had homework to focus on, so I couldn't really blog with any good conscious when I had homework. I also have been injured with an ITBS flare up. I haven't run in nearly 2 weeks to try to rest it, but with my marathon just over a week away, I am getting antsy. I'm hoping to try running tomorrow to see how it goes.

Today, on a walk home from class, I realized that during my co-op (and lack of one when waiting for it to start), I really used running as an escape. While I awaited my co-op, running was something I could put my energy into it. When my co-op started and I felt unfulfilled in the work, I used running as something to keep me excited and to be an escape. Now that I am back at school, taking classes, working two part-time jobs, involved in lots of clubs, and attempting to find a job since I graduate in December, I am struggling to find the passion for running. Well, that's not true. I loved running, but it was tough to fit it in. This injury right now has made me kind of forget I used to run so much. I think I have been so busy that I haven't even had time to think about it and then when I do, I freak that I won't be able PR the marathon. I shouldn't aim to do that, but I am too competitive to just "run" a marathon.

Okay, enough blabbing. After my run this weekend (and test run of my costume for the race), I will update this to reveal of all systems are a go for the race.