Sunday, August 1, 2010

ITBS can really eat rocks

Now that my 24 hour race is over, I'm in this weird place right now. I am feeling like a break would be great, but am stressed about starting training for the Marine Corps Marathon. The week after the race, I only got in 4 miles, but I was fine with that. This past Tuesday, I got in my normal 7.25 miles with my local Road Runners club. I run them at about 9:30-9:45/mile pace (for which I am going to need to speed up for my marathon training). My knee starte to bother me a bit, but it just felt like my normal runner's knee flare up. I woke up Wednesday with my knee really hurting me, which felt weird. My hip also started to hurt, so I immediately thought I had ITBS. A Wednesday night visit to my PT uncle confirmed it. Sometimes if I walk too much (especially in unsupportive shoes), my knee and hip really hurt. It's really frustrating because I am already sidelined from training for my marathon plan, which should be starting in a week. I have a large mile base from my ultra training, but in order to break 4 hours for my marathon, I really need to get my miles to be faster. I am not running at all because I am trying to let it heal as much as possible, but it is getting so frustrating.

Okay, rant over. My mother finally uploaded her pictures from my race, so I figured I'd upload some of them.
The fam before my race.

That's me on the left waving as the race starts.

This is me at the end of the race, covered in sweat, dirt, and happy tears. 

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  1. Hey Rebecca,

    How is the injury recovery going? Have you tried running? A fellow ultra runner once told me that one of the easiest ways she learned to deal with IT pain is to shorten your stride and take smaller steps. It makes sense when she explained it because the IT band is getting "pulled on" further as you increase your stride. Maybe worth a shot? Jon