Saturday, June 12, 2010

Running with my new running goodies!

Many of us have heard that running is an inexpensive sport to participate in. The myth says that all you need are your running shoes. Though that is not inaccurate to say all that are needed are shoes, most runners prefer to purchase more to make their run more enjoyable with special running clothing and fun gadgets. This week at the beach, I was able to purchase and/or test out three, count them, THREE new things. I have to say I enjoyed all three and can't wait to use them more and more.
The most exciting thing that I got to test out was my new Petzl Tikka headlamp. I am unsure how the lighting will be for my 24 hour race and to prepare myself, I purchased (well, my mom was nice enough to treat me to it) a Petzl Tikka headlamp last weekend. Last night, I was able to test it out on a 6 mile run. I was really worried about it because a lot of people get motion sick when using lights at night and I easily get motion sick. I made the mistake of eating a bunch of organic gummi bears, White Cheddar baked chips, and grapes before my run. This was not a smart idea. I was nauseas for most of the run, which distracted me. I also was in a neighborhood that was pretty well-lit. When I got home, I did feel slightly light-headed and motion sick, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I am excited to use it again and plan on running my 20 miler this weekend later so that I can use it for some of the run.

The next two items I got were clothing items. There's an Under Armour outlet in Rehoboth Beach, DE. I needed a new sleeveless top and, as personal a this is, some running-friendly underwear. I was happy to find both and after having run with both twice now, I am very pleased! I got the top in a blindingly pink and I love how it feels when running. I also am loving the underwear. The whole Dri-Fit invention is amazing and I figured if all of the rest of my running clothes have it, why shouldn't my underwear when running? They were pricey, but I can say they were quite worth it. Yeah, that was personal to say, but in case any other runners happen to read this, I give them two thumbs up. :-)  

With only 5 weeks until my 24 race, anything to distract me from the pain I will be willingly putting myself through is good right now. Overall, with my new watch from last week and these three new fun items, I have even more motivation to run!

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