Friday, June 4, 2010

6 weeks until insanity....

I can't believe it's 6 weeks until the Back on my Feet 20in24 Lone Ranger race. I am really eager because after my 12 hour race, I keep thinking about what I am capable of and wondering how the heat (and little to no sleep) will affect me. I am slowly easing back into miles. I got 16 miles the week after my race, 25 miles last week, and I should be completing 35 miles this week. I didn't exactly intend to ramp up about 10 miles each week, but it just sort of happened that way. I plan to make my long run 15 miles this Sunday, then increase it by 5 miles each weekend until I get back up to 30 miles. It's hard for me because I am unsure of what exactly to do since I am trying to balance two opposing things: resting/recovering and preparing myself for the next race. I think I have been smartly and slowly increasing miles, but only time will tell.

I got a new watch, which is my exciting news. I needed a slightly less basic watch than I had before, but was not intending to 1) spend a lot of money or 2) purchase a watch with a lot of features. Eventually, I'll buy a Garmin or GPS-enabled watch, but I can't afford one now and don't need all the features yet (okay, it's 90% because I can't afford it yet). I got Nike Triax Mia which is pretty cool so far. The extra features that it has is that it has interval training (which I have set to beep when I need to walk and run during my race) and it also saves the data of up to 10 runs.  The buttons are kind of small and I have to get used to pressing them compared to the much larger buttons on my other watcher. Overall, I love it and can't wait to keep running with it.

Well, I am off to a comedy show. I am excited to get slowly back into my miles, but it also is making me more and more nervous. Similar to my 12 hour race, I am just so eager for it to happen, I want it to happen this very second. :-)

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