Thursday, May 13, 2010

Less than 36 hours and counting

My goodness, I cannot believe a stomach can be so nervous for days upon end. I feel like the baby to the left. I know that I have been very diligent with my training and haven't missed anything key. I've built up my mileage from about 30 miles per week (mpw) to 50 mpw in a steady fashion, to avoid injury. My sore ankle is all gone, my hip is not hurting as much, and with my antibiotics, my sinus infection is at bay. I really am prepared for my 12 hour race, but the thought of it is making my stomach turn. With any other races, the distance was not the item in question, it was the time it would take to cover said distance. For this race, the time is set, it is just on me and my body to figure out how many miles it will cover. I really feel like 50 miles is totally possible on the nearly flat .49 mile course. I think my mind is having issues comprehending the idea of running for so long. I am really happy my mother will be there to root me on and that I was able to fill my iPod up with awesome new tunes from my brother. It's chock filled with dance beats and lots of synthesizers. I am really happy that when times are going to be tough during the run, I can blast some "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie or "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus (okay, that last song is a total guilty pleasure and I cannot believe my brother had that on his iTunes...he actually specifically told me to put it on my iPod).

I fly tomorrow at 4 pm with my madre to Rochester, NY. We'll land, drop our stuff off at the hotel, take a test drive to the race location, eat dinner, then try my hardest to get any sleep at all. The weather is set to be perfect to run in: partly cloudy with a high around 60. Everything is set for this weekend to go really well, but I am doing my best to be happy with whatever I am able to run. Next post shall happen post-race. Hopefully it will come with awesome pictures and happy news. :-)

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