Sunday, May 2, 2010

14.8 miles + Marshmallow Malt = Crazy Delicious

Just got back from getting a delicious Marshmallow Malt. It's not a traditional post-run drink, but it surely is delicious.

I ran 14.8 miles today. My ego got the best of me and I ran the entire thing. I probably should be practicing my run/walk strategy, but I just couldn't bring myself to walk on what is now a shorter long run for me. There's this really pretty lake near Jonesboro, AR (where my boyfriend is currently working on a senatorial campaign and where I currently am visiting him) called Craighead Forest Lake (picture to the right). It's got two loops: a 2.4 mile loop directly along the lake and a 2.9 mile one that goes around the lake along the paved roads throughout the park. I did 5 smaller loops with a larger loop thrown in after the first 3 smaller loops. It was really pretty out and I was so happy the predicted rain never came. I saw a bunch of other runners, as well as innumerable geese, 2 turtles, and 1 snake (I almost stepped on it and and shrieked when I saw it). Overall, it was a nice run. I have another 3-4 hour run tomorrow, which begins my weekends of back to backs. I've never used a training program that has back to back long runs, so I'm excited, but also nervous. I didn't run a full 3 hours today, but felt nervous about doing one more loop and felt conservative, as to save my energy for tomorrow.

I've been having running dreams that are crazy! I had one a few days ago where I was doing my 12 hour race, but in Philadelphia (it's actually in NY) and I was running the race barefoot. Last night, I had a dream that the 12 hour race as in Philadelphia again, but this time, it was actually on the course where I'll be doing my 24 hour race in July. My mom was going to walk it and she left our foot sensors to track our running on the opposite side of the course. I was so furious because we had to do a loop of the course that wasn't counted for since we had no sensor to track us. I guess I am starting to get really nervous for my race since I keep dreaming about it. I woke up with such a nervous stomach and I'm 13 days away from the race; it makes me wonder how much sleep I'll get the night before.

Ah well, I'll be off now. I will probably post an update or another post about my long run tomorrow. Until then...

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