Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Taper Time!

Whew, it's taper time! I safely landed in Maryland on Saturday. I will miss John a lot, but I am happy to be back in Maryland and with my family. I was able to map out two runs around John's neighborhood last Thursday and Friday, so I really only missed one day of running. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Sunday, Mom and I got in 20 miles (me via feet, her via bike). I'm very lucky to have my mom come with me on my long runs; I don't think I would be able to do the without her keeping me company and holding my snacks and drinks. I felt extremely sluggish and leaden during the whole run. My whole body just felt like I had an invisible full body weighted suit on and I couldn't break through it. I did not run (well, you know the deal, run with walk breaks) my miles slowly, but they just felt so arduous.

Earlier this morning, I got in another 14 mile run. I felt much better during this run than the previous day's run and I cannot believe that even with only running 4 days this week, I got in 48 miles. My race is coming up on Saturday, so I will be tapering the rest of my runs for this week. I will most likely get in some miles (between 4-7) with the  local Road Runners club on Tuesday and do something similar on Wednesday. I think I am going to take Thursday and Friday completely off to rest up my legs, especially since I am flying on Friday up to Rochester. I am getting so many butterflies in my stomach, it's not even funny. I hope I can just relax enough to sleep the night before the race. Just five days and counting...

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