Monday, April 12, 2010

Why running 26.16 miles is disappointing

Normally, I'd be so happy to run 26.16 miles. I mean, c'mon, it's .04 of a mile away from being a marathon and I was only doing a training run. Well, the "only" .04 miles is going to annoy the heck out of me for at least the next 48 hours. I was only supposed to do 25 miles today, but since I was too tired to do my 7 mile run yesterday, I figured pushing up to the marathon distance would make me feel less bad.

My run went really well! I felt great and pushed myself to do my miles 31 seconds/mile faster than the last two weekends of long runs. I wasn't feeling great this morning after a weekend of drinking with my fraternity brothers and with the kickball team I joined, but once I started running, I felt great. The weather was perfect (low 70s, sunny, slight cool breeze). I ate a little less during this run than others and used my fuel belt instead of my handheld bottle. The slightly less food seemed fine, but the fuel belt bothered my lower back like it normally does. It was really bothering me, but I was able to deal with it until the last 2 miles. I had to give it to my mom. She's my sherpa. She rides a bike alongside me and holds my food and extra liquids in a backpack. It's really nice having her along.

I'm torn with how to keep hydrated during my runs. My fuel belt hurts my back too much and my handheld is really annoying to hold. The liquid sloshes along and my hand gets gross and sweaty. I purchased a Nathan two bottle holder , but it doesn't fit a 5'3'' female with a short torso and hips. It looks like this:
Elite 2V Plus

I wish I could find something that works for me, but I am optimistic that I can find something.

I'm off to a yummy pasta dinner with shrimp and clams with my sherpa aka mom. I cannot wait to pass out tonight....I earned a lot of sleep. :-)

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  1. Have you tried a hydration pack? I use a handheld and love it, but you really have to find what works for you. I have something similar to you but just the one bottle holder...I hated it after the first run. It was sloshing the whole time and it felt like it never stopped moving.

    This is the part of ultra running that kinda sucks when you first get into it...spending the money only to find out you really don't like something!