Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why I am doing this

When I tell someone that I registered for an ultramarathon aka a race longer than a marathon distance, most people's first reaction is, "Are you crazy?!" Yes, I am crazy. It is not normal to push your body 30+ miles, but most people reading this already know I am not exactly normal. I started running in elementary school at the local track club and have been hooked ever since. I also really enjoy challenging myself in any way possible, so I have been challenging myself in the world of running with 5ks, 5 mile races, half and full marathons. No marathon in the Spring seemed exciting, so the little voice in my head that said to challenge myself said, "Why not do an ultramarathon?!" My fingers decided to listen to the voice and it registered me for my first ultramarathon just a few months ago.

I have registered for Back on my Feet's 20in24 Lone Ranger Ultramarathon. It starts at Lloyd Hall in Philadelphia, PA (behind the Art Museum) and is run along the 8.4 mile loop that runs along Kelly Drive and MLK Drive. The aim is to run as many loops as possible in 24 hours. My goal is to run at least 50 miles. I am secretly (I guess not so secretly if I am posting it here) hoping that I can run 50 miles in my 12 hour race in May and at least 60 or 70 miles for my 24 hour race in July, but that's a lot to ask my body to do. 50 miles is still the goal for the 24 hour race.

I am on my 10th of 24 training weeks and everything has been going well so far. Each day when I don't feel compelled to run, I know that in July I have a lot of friends and family that will be cheering me on, so I must keep pushing myself to run. I also know that I am running for an AMAZING cause, Back on my Feet. They help the homeless gain confidence through running, then help them get their own housing, jobs, educations, etc. They do so much good and I am so happy to support the amazing cause.

I am fundraising for Back on my Feet for my race, so if you are willing and able to donate to a great cause, you can do so here: Donate Here!

I also became a member of the Montgomery County Road Runners Club. I will be trying to run with them during the week so I can meet runners in the area and have a group of people to run with. On the weekends, my mother is my sherpa in that she bikes next to me on my long runs and holds my drinks and food, but during the week, I need a group of people and I can't wait to go tonight.

I'm off to spend the afternoon with my Nana, then run with the Road Runners tonight.

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  1. Welcome to the fun world of ultra-running! I found your blog thru your postings on the Runners World/Marine Corps Marathon...

    Ultra running is a different mentality. Some of us like to say its "a party with some running involved". I firmly believe you will, thru training or running in these crazy things, realize that:

    1. You are nuts
    2. There are no egos in ultrarunners
    3. It's always easier when you are out there doing it than to think about how long you need to go!
    4. The words "Relentless Forward Progress" will apply to more than just running!
    5. "Beware the chair"

    I am preparing to MAYBE run my first 100 miler (don't tell my training partner, as I am holding out on If you want advice/motivation/anything, just shoot me an