Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whew, a long run that went well!

I cannot tell you how great it feels to finally have a long run without serious issues. Mind you, the run was still super difficult since I had tight hamstrings and it was 100 degrees out, but I survived my 30 miler!!! The sherpa and I got out around 9:30 am (a bit later than planned) and everything was going well. With it being so hot, I was drinking a ton, but that was good. I brought some watered down coconut water with me, so that was a nice change from straight up water every once in a while. Around the halfway point, my mother pointed out that I only had one more electrolyte pill (with 3 hours still to go). When I was ready for the last pill, about 4.5 hours in, my mother realized she dropped it somewhere. It was an accident that anyone could have made, so I was not upset at her, but it did put me in a mental funk. I was drinking more coconut water, which has potassium and tried to eat more salty things to keep some sodium in my system.

I had been running the miles about 12-15 seconds slower than normal, but with the 100 degree heat, I just went the pace my body felt comfortable at and did not freak out about it. Once I had 6 miles left, I really started to feel exhausted. With no electrolyte pills in my system and the heat, I just felt like my body was done with the running. I pushed through and finished, but man, I was exhauuuuuuuuuuusted when I finished. I finished literally soaking wet and had dirt all over my legs, but I felt accomplished. This is my last really long run before my 24 hour race and I am so happy it was not demoralizing like my last three long runs.

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